Install Laminate Flooring in Gulfport, MS

Install Laminate Flooring in Gulfport, MS

3 benefits of laminate flooring

Get the shiny, dated, plastic-like laminate flooring you're envisioning from your grandma's kitchen out of your head. Laminate has evolved into a leading beautiful and functional flooring material. Choose Art Deco Designs LLC for laminate flooring installation in your Gulfport, MS home because the flooring is:

  1. Economical - get the modern style you want without breaking the bank
  2. Durable - it'll stand the test of time of scuffs and scratches from pets and kids
  3. A wood substitute - your guests will be fooled by the texture and colors that closely replicate the real thing

Take a fresh look at laminate flooring today by calling Art Deco Designs LLC at 618-541-5491 to schedule a free estimate.

Cover your walls in laminate flooring in Gulfport, MS

Art Deco Designs LLC always has the latest and trendiest flooring materials to choose from. But have you ever thought to put laminate flooring on your walls? Laminate flooring is a great material to use on walls to give the appearance of rustic hardwood or crisp white shiplap.

Upgrade your bedroom with a laminate flooring in Gulfport, MS to create a one-of-a-kind accent wall. Call 618-541-5491 today to schedule an appointment.